阿利巴格 : Beach Town
使用语言Marathi, Konkani
重要Beach town and weekend getaway from Mumbai
最佳游览时间January To December & Throughout the year

位置: Located at 30 kilometers south of Mumbai.

气候: Pleasant climate throughout the year as it is a beach town. Maximum temperature in summer months may rise at 35 degrees Celsius while minimum temperature during the winter months may go down to 14 degrees Celsius.

內容敍述: Alibag the coastal town, derives its name from the gardens of a person called Ali. The place has huge plantations of coconut and beetle nut. Headquarter of the Raigad district Alibag is a beautiful beach town nearest to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai and a favourite weekend getaway for the residents of Mumbai.
The small town of Alibag was previously a village Ramnath and along with Ramnath there were other villages which are supposed to be hinterland of Bene Israeli Jews. Ali, belonged to this community and owned huge gardens and people used to call it as “Alichi Bag” in the local dialect which means Gardens of Ali and hence the name Alibag stuck to this pristine beach town.
The credit for the development of this place from a village to a town goes to Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj, a visionary who proclaimed a self rule in the Maratha region in the early 17th century. Chhatrapati Shivaji, always maintained the importance of a naval base and a strong fortress to guard it. His naval admiral Kanhoji Angre designed and planned the fort and the city. Many battles were fought for the accession of the fort which was eventually won over by Angre. So much was his might that he started his own currency with Alibag Rupaiya!
Today the town and its nearby villages have become a famous haunt for the farmhouses of various celebrities and as the nearest town for a bit of rejuvenation from Mumbai. In Alibag you will get ample varieties of fish and various tropical fruits to eat.
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