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    Jim Corbett National Park, Merchula,Nainital
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    The Solluna Resort Corbett是一个提供住宿差异的度假村。为了让你让你提高对生活世界休闲与舒适、传统的价值观、对现代设施的认识。

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    Jim Corbett公家公园; 距德里226公里,距Nainital85公里

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房间数: 2


One of the most unique cottage, situated at the highest point of the resort. The objective here to offer an experience of being on the top, which in return promises the most magnificent view of the mountains, the sun, the moon and of course the river flowing . The cottage promises the maximum pleasure for the sight as it proposes to establish a closer contact with nature. The huge luxurious cottage area with an inbuilt bath tub right behind the comfort of the bed, presents an opportunity where one can sip an exotic drink with the beloved one or just enjoy the scenic beauty of nature in complete privacy of the cottage through big glass windows. The romantic ambience illuminated with mesmerising dim lighting gives the honeymoon couples a chance to express their love in a better way and makes them feel as the king and queen the jungle. The bath has been connected to the room with a long open passage way, so that one can enjoy the raw and natural beauty even while going for a shower. Comforts of bathrobes, bath slippers, unique therapy oils and other elite toiletries further enhances the royal feel of the cottage. The rain shower in the bath cubicle gives the sense of soaking in the natural rain. Our king guests residing in the sight cottages can also enjoy a unique sit out on the roof top arena for a hot cup of coffee or for a theme dinner specifically organized on request for that unforgettable romantic night with the loved ones.
房间数: 20


These are base category cottages based on the look and feel of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Known for their rough look the walls are insulated is a way that keeps you warm in winters and makes it pleasent in summers. The glass window on the ceiling allow a view of the glazing stars at night and the very dynamic sky during day time. The raw feel of walls and the floor will give you a chance to be closure to nature blended with a comfortable luxury setting. Cottage size 400 Sq feets - A/c with temperature controll insulated walls - ShowerJets in bathrrom - 24 hr hot and cold water access - Mini Bar (charged when consumed) - Mini Refrigerator - luxury sitting area - Luxury mattresses - Working desk - Luggage rack - Spacious Wardrobe - Telephone - Bar-B-Que area outside cottage, Cottage size 400 Sq feets,A/c with temperature controll insulated walls,ShowerJets in bathroom
房间数: 21


Deluxe Cottage -10-The Cottage design incorporates a blend made from a variety of materials ranging from hardness of rocks to fluidity of water, from soft touch of pebbles to strong jets of spring water. The uniqueness of the cottage lies in its rock garden, housing the natural water spring finished with pebbles, where one can sit and touch to experience the variance in hardness of stones, chilled with the flowing spring water drip by drip. The art piece in the cottage enhances the sense of touch, as it plays with the visual textures, also featuring a fossil painting in stone taking millions of years for its formation. The wash basin and wardrobe handles are customized and made of stone to add another dimension to the natural material palette. The shower panels in the bath enhances the sense of touch featuring three jets having high pressure streams, establishing one’s connection with the natural flow of water springs. Superior Deluxe cottage-11The Cottage revolves around the sense of fragrance housing a small pebble filled pond emanating a particular floral fragrance all the time. The presence of a delicate aroma in the cottage all through the day enhances the basic instinct of sense of smell. Featuring a bright coloured fascia wall containing flower petals and a huge picture frame of a butterfly or a moth develops an association with flowers which in turn are related to the strong sense of smell. Offering Luxury to its best, the cottage incorporates a mini bar, bath robes and bathroom slippers. A walk through pond housed within the cottage, with pebbles and flowers spread to enhance the sense of aroma is a treat even to the visual sensation. Working desk, luxurious mattresses, sit-outs, and ductable air-conditioning units, phones in both cottages as well as in bath, 24/7 hot and cold water access, shower cubicle with jets of fresh spring water makes the stay in the cottage an unforgettable one.
房间数: 4


The uniqueness of the cottage lies in the huge water body housed in the cottage veranda giving a soothing sound of dripping water that can be controlled at the resident’s wish. The gentle sound of chirping birds in the sit out every morning together with the relaxing sound of the water flowing is a blessing to the tired city ears. The in housed beautifully structured small lawns allow complete privacy to the guests, creating an opportunity for a sun bath or soaking in the rain with the loved ones. The cottage also includes a back yard sit out for that extra comfort and bonfire evenings enjoyed with the dearest ones. Offering top end luxury in the midst of a dense forest like in room mini bar, luxurious mattresses, maharaja sofa sittings, working desk, bed side reading lights, spacious wardrobes and romantic interiors makes the cottage a must stay for both luxury as well as corporate traveller. The shower panel in the bath provides the comfort of a steamy feel along with the mist effect that creates a sense of mystery while taking a bath. The shower cubicle is designed in a way that offers the wildness of raw pebbles to the comforts of granites, with water sprinkling from all sides. It is an experience worth taking during the stay in the wilderness of Solluna, Jim Corbett National Park.